Mutual Recognition Agreement Auf Deutsch

A description of mutual recognition obligations The transition from the transition phase to the surgical phase of this sector annex is taking place to the extent that a representative number of compliance assessment agencies have been approved in accordance with the Electrical Safety Schedule. The GbA is made up of representatives from the United States and the EC on telecommunications and CEM. JSC representatives may invite manufacturers and other facilities, if deemed necessary. U.S. officials have a voice at the JSC. The representatives of the EC have a voice within the CCM. The CCM`s decisions are taken unanimously. In the event of a disagreement, the representative of the United States or the COMMUNITY may raise the issue in the Joint Committee. The academic commission, charged with promoting cooperation, promoting dual doctoral programmes and improving the recognition of academic qualifications, met for the first time in 2010. Developing mechanisms to share information on changes to technical requirements or methods for appointing compliance assessment agencies; and a Multilateral Recognition Agreement (MRA) is being developed, with the aim of achieving universal recognition of accreditations on the basis of recognition agreements of regional groups (for example). B of the ABC-MLA). For the purposes of this agreement, the points of contact of the alert system will be the points of contact: the contracting parties can amend any transitional regime by mutual agreement. The authorities will work together to define, as soon as possible, the essential information that must be included in the inspection reports and will cooperate in order to develop agreed inspection report formats.

Accreditation bodies that have signed ILAC`s mutual recognition agreements recognize their mutual equivalence and the equivalence of calibration certificates issued by the same signatories. An investment agreement (1991) and a double taxation agreement (1995) form the legal framework for trade between the two countries. They act as mediators on the road to international recognition, for example. B by concluding so-called mutual recognition agreements. Thus, the performance of other qi institutions is recognized as equivalent. Directive 98/13/EC of the European Parliament and council of 12 February 1998 on terminal telecommunications equipment and satellite ground station equipment, including mutual recognition of their compliance and interpretation; In accordance with the terms of the agreement, EC compliance assessment bodies covered in Section V of this Schedule must be recognized for reviewing, certifying and labelling products as part of their recognition by the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) for the purpose of assessing compliance with U.S. requirements. This is an agreement between the accreditation bodies for the mutual recognition of accreditations in volunteers, i.e.: